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About Us

Walking as a methodolgy

Who we are

One by Walking is a network for collaboration, discussion, and experimentation within the area of research methodologies concerned with walking and experimental scientific and art-based work related to walking methodologies. The members of this network come from across various fields of the performing arts, pedagogy, social science, and humanities, each with a documented interest in the connections between bodies, landscapes, perception, sustainability, movement, walking and methodological innovation.

The network was founded in 2020  by support from Swedish Riksbanken’s Jubileumsfond and NOS-HS (Nord Forsk).

Vålådalen 22.jpg

Some of the network  members at a workshop in Vålådalen 2022. 

What we do

One by walking brings various disciplines together, we arrange workshops and do joint publications. The guiding principle behind the network is that interventions in artistic performance can collaborate with scientific researchers working on methodologies of movement. Our researchers are searching for new ways of working with sustainability, landscape management, art, and pedagogy.


We have thus far held a series of digital seminars, are working on joint publications and have arranged  four experimental and artistic workshops:

  • Rosendal, Norway (May 2022)

  • Vålådalen, Sweden (September 2022)

  • Korpoström, Finland (April 2023)

  •  Sælingsdal, Island (September 2023)

If you are interested to join the network: please send a message and tell us about yourself and your research or art practice.


Thanks for submitting!

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