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The conference "Mobile heritage: Walking and the environment through future and historical perspectives" will be organized around five thematic focuses
Theme 1

Historical and Future Perspectives on Walking Cultural Heritage: Nordic and Global Contexts

  • The significance of walking routes' connecting extent and function for the future and cultural heritage (sea and land, between countries and regions)

  • Walking routes: new patterns, intersection of new and old ideas

  • Pilgrimages in the Nordic region and beyond: historical, contemporary, and future practices

  • The right of public access, Nordic cultural patterns, and walking in Scandinavian outdoor life in transition.

Theme 2

Walking in landscapes 'at-risk’: Cultural heritage vs. environmental issues, green transition, and future concerns.

  • The significance of walking for sustainable tourism in changing ecosystems

  • Walking tourism overshadowed by industrial land use exploration

  • Rural gentrification and movement heritage: crises arising from post-pandemic migration to rural areas, new enclosures and exclusions, violation of the right to public access (Scandinavian/Swedish context)

  • Natural crises and walking

  • Present, historical, and future perceptions and perspectives on health and quality of life.

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Theme 3

Social and political perspectives on local and global walking practices.

  • Activism, walking, and heritage

  • Artistic perspectives and methods

Theme 4

Future visions of sensitive landscapes, walking cultures, cultural heritage, and tourism.

  • Alternative relationships to land and imagined future relations between humans and the earth/world/nature/rural land

  • Non-anthropocentric, multi-species perspectives on walking tourism and movement heritage

  • Movement heritage and the development of hiking infrastructure from Ostrobothnia, the Turku Archipelago, and Åland, through Sweden to Trondheim in Norway

  • Local, global, and inter-regional perspectives on movement heritage.

Theme 5

Theoretical and methodological approaches to cultural heritage, movement, and walking, as well as ideological foundational questions related to cultural heritage.

  • New methods focusing on movement to explore local values in relation to the future and global perspectives

  • New methods focusing on movement and critical analysis of sustainable tourism in changing ecosystems

  • New methods focusing on movement and the search for new ways of walking, being, and living

  • Narratives of walking heritage: in literature, film, or other forms, with a focus on mobility, historical and future perspectives, theory, methods, and the significance of narratives in the creation of movement heritage.

Call for papers: Deadline 2 April

The conference Mobile Heritage': Walking and the environment through future and historical perspectives, in Helsinki, Finland 16-17 September 2024, addresses issues regarding the significance of walking for cultural heritage and conservation concerns. These include the need to redefine the right of public access to land, ideas of what constitutes a future good life, and novel conceptions of life in the “great” outdoors.


We encourage submissions from across all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, and particularly welcome contributions that discuss or demonstrate innovative methodological, theoretical or artistic approaches to walking or other forms of self-powered movement.


Therefore, we invite both papers that focus on the heritage of movement and of walking and randonée hiking and ideas for (e.g. in situ, experimental, methodological) 'foot out' workshops that work with innovative ways of using mobility in the landscape.

Please email your abstract (300 words maximum)

Include your name, institution, country and indicate which of the five themes your abstract most suits to


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